Positionable Wall/Mirror Mount Hair Dryer Holder

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  • HANDS-FREE HAIR DRYING – With our patented design you will enjoy a hands-free hair drying experience.
  • EASY TO MOUNT – EASY TO MOUNT – Simply use 4 included screws to mount to any wall you wish, or for temporary use, just mount/unmount it to the mirror using the included suction cups. Choose what works best for you! Its sleek white body will make a welcome addition to your bathroom.
  • UNIVERSAL HOLD – Designed by a hairstylist, this holder was made with all sizes and weights of hair dryers in mind.
  • STYLE WITH EASE – Easily brush and style your hair while using your blow dryer and never feel like you don’t have enough hands again!
  • MORNING MULTI-TASK – Save time in the morning. Blow dry your hair handsfree and use both hands to apply makeup, check your emails or Facebook, or whatever else you can think of doing in the morning.
  • PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WITH LIMITED MOBILITY – People with limited or no use of one arm can now blow dry their hair.
  • GREAT FOR GIFTS – Whether for birthdays, weddings, house warming, Christmas and more. These make great gifts for any wife, girlfriend or daughter!



Bestie Blow Dryer Holder holds your blow dryer for you while blow-drying your hair so you can have both hands free to brush and style dry easier, faster and with way better results. Plus, Bestie makes a great little home for the blow dryer when not being used.


7 reviews for Positionable Wall/Mirror Mount Hair Dryer Holder

  1. Mickey

    This product is amazing! It lets you style and blow dry your hair faster and better! I use it everyday and Its wonderful! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a bestie holder!

  2. Jen

    I’ve had mine up for almost a year now and haven’t touched my dryer since. My hair is super curly so I use my flat brush with both hands to get it super straight and then flat iron for perfection. Used to take half an hour the old way. Now I knock it out in under fifteen minutes. Clean and fresh and looking good!

  3. Mark

    So, I dated a girl many years ago who had thick, dark hair, and getting ready meant allotting the necessary time for her to dry that hair. She would stand there forever. She hated it, I hated it, (though, that’s not why we broke up). When I saw this product, the first thing I thought of was my ex gf. I bought her one for Christmas and her report back was that it was a lifesaver, (well, at least a timesaver). Now she can apply makeup during that drying time. It’s made her whole getting ready routine twice as productive. I assume she can use it to help style her hair, too, but I know for her, it’s all about being able to multi-task.

  4. carol

    Great tool. For styling especially long “blow out” styles…..A brazilian Blow look. Allows me to put on makeup while styling hair. Also a great Tool for my older mother who can dry her hair without a lot of effort since she has limited use of her arms.

  5. Kathleen

    This product is awesome! Such a time saver and a cute place for my hairdryer to hang out when not in use. So happy I bought this – I’m getting one for everybody I know. Thank you Bestie!!

  6. lizzie

    I discovered this product after I injured my shoulder and its been a life saver as far as blow drying goes. Thank you for this wonderful product. It’s very sturdy too!

  7. Mike Austin

    Amazing Product!

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